Cypress Hill Municipal Utility District No. 1 (the “District”) has committed funds to three additional beautification projects in the District:

Sydney Harbour Perimeter Fence Project

  • The District has partnered with the Sydney Harbour Homeowners Association to repair the brick columns on the perimeter fencing along Cypress-Rosehill and Huffmeister. The Sydney Harbour HOA has signed a contract with Hardscape, Inc. to make the repairs. The District will provide 90% of the construction cost. The project is underway. The HOA maintains the fence.

Cypress Ridge Perimeter Fence Along Huffmeister

  • The District has partnered with the Cypress Ridge Homeowners Association to install 520 linear feet of perimeter fencing along Huffmeister Road which is in need of replacement. The replacement fence will be a new six foot high rock style precast concrete fence. The Cypress Ridge HOA has signed a contract with Fencecrete to construct the fence. The District will provide 90% of the construction cost and construction administration. The project is ready to begin but has been suspended due to COVID-19 concerns. After completion, the HOA will maintain the fence.

Cypress Mill Perimeter Fence Along Cypresswood Drive and Cypress Mill Place

  • The District has partnered with Cypress Mill Homeowners Association to replace the wood fence on Cypresswood Drive and Cypress Mill Place Boulevard with a uniform “rock style” fence made out of pre-cast concrete and averaging approximately seven feet high. The District will provide 90% of the cost of the project and the HOA will pay 10% and take over maintenance once the project is complete. the District’s landscape architect is proceeding with design.
    This project will require obtaining signed and notarized agreements from all affected property owners. The District is preparing these agreements and the HOA has agreed to lead an effort to get them back from homeowners. A timeline for this project has not been established but will depend, in large part, on how quickly the homeowner agreements can be obtained.

The District’s main responsibility is providing water, sewer and drainage facilities to the land within its boundaries; however, it has the power to provide parks, landscaping, parkways, greenbelts, sidewalks, trails, public right-of-way beautification projects and recreational equipment to residents, subject to numerous legal constraints. Previously it provided funding for beautification projects along Cypress-Rosehill, Skinner and Fenske Roads and behind the commercial area in Cypress Mill.